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Johansson-Nogués Elisabeth : curriculum vitae

Friday 12 May 2006, by Johansson-Nogués Elisabeth


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués is a researcher at Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus, Spain. She is also member of the Observatory of European Foreign Policy of which in the period spanning 2001 to 2003 she was the coordinator of, as well as web-editor of its website. In 2003 to 2005 she was the principal coordinator of the Observatory of Mediterranean Politics project. Her research interests focus on EU foreign policy, in particular as related to the European Neighborhood Policy, as well as the Northern Dimension, the Barcelona Process and the European security dimension.


- with Esther Barbé. Beyond enlargement: The new members and new frontiers of the enlarged European Union, Bellaterra: Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus, 2003.

- Subregionalization in Europe’s Periphery: the Baltic and Mediterranean Dimensions of EU’s Foreign Policy. Quaderns de treball 36/00, Barcelona: Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus, 2000.

Book chapters:

- «The EU and its Neighborhood: An Overview», in K. Weber, M.E. Smith, and M. Baun, Governing Europe’s New Neighborhood: Partners or Periphery? Manchester: Manchester University Press, (forthcoming 2006). «Returned to Europe? The Central and East European member states at the heart of the EU» in Katie Verlin Laatikainen and Karen E. Smith (eds.) The EU and the UN, London: Palgrave, 2006.

- with Érika Ruíz Sandoval, «¿Simetrías en la periferia?: El Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte y la Política Europea De Vecindad,» in Esther Barbé (ed.) ¿Existe una brecha transatlántica? Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea tras la crisis de Irak. Madrid, Los Libros de la Cataratas, 2005.

- with Mònica Solé Padró «Los Balcanes occidentales: ¿tema de oportunismo español?» in Esther Barbé (ed.) España y la política exterior de la UE. Entre prioridades españolas y los desafíos del contexto internacional. Quaderns de Treball 40: Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus, (October) 2002.

- »EU’s Foreign Policy and Subregionalization in the Baltic Sea area.» Helmut Hubel et al. (eds.) European Integration as New Framework of Evolving Relations in North-Eastern Europe: the ’Triangle’ European Union - Baltic States - Russia. Berlin: Berlin Verlag, 2002. pp. 371-92.

- EU and its Near Neighborhood: Subregionalization in the Baltic Sea and in the Mediterranean.» In Nicolas Levrat and Pierre Willa (eds.), EU’s Influence and Capability in International Relations EUROPA, Graduate Institute of European Studies, University of Geneva, Geneva, 2001, pp.188-211.

- «La dimensión norte de la UE: políticas para el mar Báltico.» in Esther Barbé (ed.), Política exterior europea, (Barcelona: Ariel, 2000): 219-43.


- «Podrà una UE a la deriva fer navegar la Mediterrània?» Infoeuropa 8 (May-August 2005).

- with, Ángel Bermúdez and Jordi Padilla, «Temática: Economía al Mediterráneo sur» Afkar/Idees 6 (2005).

- with Jordi Padilla, «Observatoiro euromediterráneo : 2005 ‘año del Mediterráneo’ : el partenariado se pone al día,» Afkar/Idees 5 (2005): 30-2.

- with Ángel Bermúdez, « Observatoire euroméditerranéen : Turquie/ Observatorio euromediterráneo: Turquía,» Afkar/Idees 4 (2004): 52-5.

- «A ‘Ring of Friends’? The Implications of the European Neighbourhood Policy for the Mediterranean» Mediterranean Politics, Vol.9, No.2 (Summer 2004), pp.240-247.

- «El proceso de Barcelona: de Valencia a Creta,» Anuario del Mediterráneo 2003, European Institute of the Mediterranean and CIDOB Foundation, 2004.

- «The Fifteen and the Accession States in the UN General Assembly: What Future for European Foreign Policy in the Coming Together of the ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ Europe?» European Foreign Affairs Review 9 (2004): 67-92.

- «The Fifteen and the Accession States in the United Nations General Assembly» CFSP Forum, vol. 2, no. 1, (January 2004): pp. 10-13.

- «Per què Europea no té una política exterior i de seguretat comuna eficaç?» IDEES (October/December, 2003): 53-7.

- with Mette Filtenborg and Stefan Gänzle. «An Alternative Theoretical Approach to EU Foreign Policy: ‘Network Governance’ and the Case of the Northern Dimension Initiative». Cooperation and Conflict 37(4) (December, 2002): 387-407.

- with Esther Barbé. «De Niza a Göteborg: La UE en manos nórdicas.» Política Exterior 80 (March/April, 2001): 21-28.

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